At Fuatino’s Natural Products our coconut oil is made using a wet extraction method, also referred to as fermented. This follows the principal of how coconut oil was made in Samoa by our ancestors. This is the gentlest way to make coconut oil, with no heat or extreme pressure used at any time.

At every stage of the oils production we make a conscious choice to treat the product as gently as possible so that the health benefits remain in tack and unalderated. This results in extracting less volume of oil than other more processed methods but produces a more vital oil.

Our principals for making the oil is to treat it with the respect we would use if it was purely for our family use. To this end we only use organically certified nuts, we ferment and filter in stainless steel not plastic and we clean our factory and equipment with steam cleaners, not harsh chemicals.

  1. We receive our nuts directly from the farmers already dehusked. This also leaves the husk with the farmers who use it as fuel as a supplement to kerosene. We deshell by hand. Our shells are then donated to the local home vegetable gardening group to add to their soil to improve drainage.
  2. Before the flesh is put through he grinder to be turned into desiccated coconut ready for pressing.
  3. To be pressed through a screw press creating coconut cream.
  4. The cream is then left between 12-24 hours to naturally separate. Once complete we gently remove the oil by hand, before filtering through cotton filters.