Fuatino is the Taupou (preeminent women’s chiefly title) Fuatino’s of Lefaga. The Fuatino is the keeper of tradition, caretaker of culture, the standard bearer and example of women in the village. The Fuatino is the leader and organizer of the women in the village.

Uaea’s mother was conferred the Fuatino title and was the one to give it to Gabrielle as her middle name.

We try to reflect the esteem of the Fuatino title in our coconut oil.

Fuatino’s Natural Products is a family owned business without factory located towards the rear of our family property.

The immediate family all support the business and are invaluable sounding boards.

Family of Fuatinos Coconut Oil


Callum Jones works as Sales and consultant on the health aspect of our product and product development.


Uaea Apelu is our product manager. Uaea uses his engineering degree and 30 years’ experience of exporting and working with coconuts and taro from not only Samoa but also Africa, South America and Malaysia to turn ideas and concepts into reality.


She has through our product development and building of our factory and brand directed the company in a managing director role.

Our goals as a family is to:

  • Produce a superior health product that cuts through the misleading and deceptive marketing of our food industry.
  • Increase exports from Samoa and support our supply chain and staff by paying beyond fair trade prices at every opportunity.
  • Create a product that we are proud of and use as a foundation for our own family’s health.

Our gift to you is a coconut oil made with respect, as gently as possible keeping intact all the benefits and vitality that is inherent in coconut oil.